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Create a healthy life for yourself.


  • Private Chef

    • Home cooked meals and chef prepared meal prep for your week.

  • Cooking Classes

    • Adult, children, corporate, and community cooking classes focused on healthy eating.​

  • Recipe Development

    • Recipes developed for corporate brands, blogs, websites, and restaurants.

  • Food Writing

    • Cookbook writing, blog posts, editing, website writing, food descriptions.

  • Yoga and Wellness

    • Private yoga, meditation, and wellness classes.​​

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Citrus Fruits

About the Chef

 Chef Morrisa Engles became certified as a chef in 2012 at the Midwest Culinary Institute in Cincinnati, OH.  She worked as a private chef for several years before moving to Boston, MA in 2016 to study Gastronomy at Boston University. While obtaining this Master's degree in food and culture, Chef Morrisa was compelled to eat more consciously after learning about the massive negative impacts that factory farmed food has on the environment and our bodies.  After experiencing the benefits of weight loss, clearer skin, and most importantly, the lowering of high blood pressure to the point of no longer needing medication, Chef Morrisa was eager to teach others about the amazing benefits of a plant-based diet. 

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